From the heart of Big Sky Country comes a humorous, fast-paced, inspiring speaker who embraces faith and family.


Tamara “Tammy” Hall, M.Ed., is a humorist and writer who has spoken in 49 states, 8 Canadian provinces, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Tamara built a successful career speaking for corporations, businesses, educational groups and associations on leadership, teambuilding, and conflict. No doubt about it…Tamara was accomplishing her goals, feeding her ego and filling her pocketbook…
…And then God called her to jump off the merry go round, reevaluate her priorities and change course.
Tamara now focuses on encouraging women to embrace the joys of being a woman whether a mother, grandmother, friend, worker, wife, divorcee, single or widow.


This uplifting presentation is packed with humor because research proves people learn more and retain better if they are laughing…and because God warned us in Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.” Life is tough enough without dry bones!! There is great joy in knowing our purpose, passion and path.

Audience comments:

From Colorado: “The time flew by, the lessons will last a lifetime.”
From Montana “The Lord was working through your words in such a special way. I watched the quiet tears slipping down a friend’s face, and saw the joyful tears of another who was laughing more than I had ever seen her laugh. The end came altogether too quickly”
From Utah: “Thank you again for the absolutely fabulous job you did for us. Our attendees were laughing, crying and laughing again. But more importantly, they went home with solid information regarding managing their challenges.”
From Alberta: “You’ll never believe the impact you left with our group. In 11 years of these conferences, you are the first that received a standing ovation. Our people are already saying we want her back.”
From Alaska: “The gift of humor cannot be overrated. Sometimes speakers are afforded light laughter as sort of a professional courtesy. The out loud laughs that Tamara Hall elicited were genuine and earned.”
From Missouri: “Your presentation was a blast of belly-laughing humor, motivational direction, and divine guidance. Numerous people commented, “I cannot remember when I laughed so hard” or “It seemed like she was talking directly to me and my problems.”
From Illinois: “We were truly touched by Tamara’s stories and sense of humor. She shared important life lessons that we all need to be reminded of every so often”
From Virginia: “I haven’t been able to get anything done since your presentation. There are so many calls, e-mails and personal notes about “that wonderful speaker,” it’s hard to walk down the hall because I get stopped by people who want to talk about your impact on them.”



Tamara authored the poem, Motherhood in 1986 and it quickly became a central message in her presentations and writings. For 30 years she prayed for an illustrator who would partner with her in celebrating God’s perfect plan of motherhood. Tammy and Kelly met Alora and Bruce as they prepared for their first of two mission trips to Ethiopia with SPREAD OF GRACE ministry. After hours of laughter and fellowship, it became clear God had answered yet another prayer: He provided the perfect illustrator, mentor, and friend in Alora Foreman.

“I pray a little, worry a lot,
play a little, hurry a lot.
Help me Lord remove the blocks,
from this road I choose to walk”
Tamara “Tammy” Hall